Allergies may cause throat problems including itchy throat, throat clearing, coughing, throat irritation and pain. Allergies are the immune system’s response to the environment. While pollen, dust and pollution are common factors which cause allergies, there are many other items which may cause allergies as well.

Allergies may cause eye watering, itchy eyes, and runny nose symptoms. Testing for allergies identifies specific allergens which can be controlled for. Treatment for allergies may include over the counter allergy medications, prescription allergy medications, or even allergy shots.

In the throat, allergies may cause a “lump in the throat” sensation, voice changes, or throat discomfort. Chronic cough and throat clearing may be a result of allergies as well.

It is important for a patient with these symptoms to be evaluated by an otolaryngologist. Depending on what a laryngoscopy shows, allergy testing may be warranted.

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