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It is important for anyone with a voice, breathing or swallowing problem to undergo a very thorough examination to obtain a proper diagnosis. In most cases a straightforward mouth and throat exam is not enough to discover what is condition is present. A visit to the laryngologist most often involves a laryngoscopy and stroboscopy in which a high definition camera is placed through the nose or mouth to evaluate the throat and vocal cord anatomy and function. This exam is pain free and only take a few minutes to perform, providing critical information. Without this most diagnoses are unfortunately missed.

From there treatment which may include medications, voice therapy, a small procedure, or surgery may be recommended. To learn more click to the right.

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Throatdisorder.com is an online resource for patients and physicians to learn more about common voice, swallowing, breathing and throat disorders. Throat complaints, from cough to cancer, are a common reason for patients to seek medical treatment. This website developed as a result of Dr. Sunil Verma's passions: that of education, patient care, and interest in technology.

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