Voice changes can be very bothersome and frustrating for people.  Routine tasks such as communicating with others at work, speaking on the phone or even reading a book to a child become very challenging.   Voice changes often affect our ability to talk in loud spaces making it difficult to enjoy dinners and social events with friends and families.

Many people think voice changes as “normal” but in fact recommendations are to have any voice change evaluated by an specialist if present for more than three weeks!   Some voice conditions such as vocal cord hemorrhage are best treated with complete voice rest, and others, such as cancer require urgent surgical treatment.  The “sound” of someones voice is not enough to differentiate between these conditions, which is why a visit to a doctor early in the problem is necessary.

A flexible laryngoscopy with stroboscopy is often the first way to evaluate the anatomy and function of the throat. Following this a diagnosis is made and treatment can occur.

Look to the right for common voice conditions.

Dr-Verma - Voice and Swallowing Doctor - Sunil Verma MD

Throatdisorder.com is an online resource for patients and physicians to learn more about common voice, swallowing, breathing and throat disorders. Throat complaints, from cough to cancer, are a common reason for patients to seek medical treatment. This website developed as a result of Dr. Sunil Verma's passions: that of education, patient care, and interest in technology.

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