The larynx is also known as the voice box and is located in the midportion of the neck. Through the skin the outside of the larynx can be felt as the thyroid cartilage or “Adam’s Apple.”

The larynx houses the vocal folds or vocal cords, and is responsible for voice production. The larynx also functions in:

Breathing and respiration

The most superior, or top portion of the larynx is the epiglottis, which helps coordinate swallowing.

The larynx is suspended above by the hyoid bone; The hyoid bone is the equivalent of the “wishbone” in a turkey. From the hyoid bone are muscles of swallowing, known as the strap muscles. During swallowing the larynx rises due to these muscles – this can be felt by placing one’s hand over the larynx while swallowing water.

The cricoid cartilage is the bottom, or inferior, portion of the larynx. This cartilage sits below the vocal folds. This cartilage is shaped like a signet ring, and is part of the ‘subglottis’.

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