Dr. Sunil Verma is an assistant professor at the University of California, Irvine where he not only sees patients and performs surgery but also is an active in research and education.

“Patients often ask me why I perform research. As a physician and surgeon we are constantly faced with problems to which there is no good answer. This is especially true as a laryngologist. There is a certain level of intellectual curiousity that all physicians have and I am fortunate enough to explore that on a daily basis. Most of the research questions I pose are ways to improve patient care, from the way that a patient understands their disease to improving the ways surgery is peformed. The first step in performing research is to learn everything that has been done before us, which in turn has made me a better doctor and a better surgeon.”

Dr. Verma has presented his research at local, regional and international meetings and is often asked to present his research at conferences. Below you can find links to articles he has published.

Buccopharyngeal membrane


Evaluating the Effects of a 532-nm Fiber-Based KTP Laser on Transoral Laser

Histologic evalatuion of tonsils

Laryngeal surgery


Office based laryngeal biopsy

Office-based laser laryngeal surgery

Sensory feeback device for dystonia

Surgical education

Transnasal tracheoscopy

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