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The throat is crucial because it allows for the passage of food, liquid, and air.

Any throat disorder may interrupt this critical function. Those who suspect a throat issue should see the best ENT doctor in California. They will provide an accurate diagnosis and the proper treatment.



Laryngitis occurs when the larynx is inflamed, infected, or overused. The larynx is the medical term for the voice box. Patients might experience a sore and dry throat, a raw or tickling throat, hoarseness, dry cough, and either voice loss or a weak voice. This condition can be either acute or chronic.

If a bacterial infection is present, it is common to prescribe antibiotics. In some cases, corticosteroids are prescribed, particularly if inflammation is present. Resting the voice and breathing in moist air can also be beneficial.


Patients who experience epiglottitis might benefit from seeing the best ENT doctor in California. This can be life-threatening, so if it is suspected, it is important to receive emergency care. Any trauma to the epiglottis can result in it swelling and causing this condition. This includes infections and hot liquid burns, for example. Severe throat soreness, trouble swallowing and breathing, and a fever are all possible symptoms.

Treatment is focused on ensuring an open airway. From here, it is dependent on the cause of the swelling.

Best ENT Doctor in California - Voice and Swallowing Doctor | Sunil Verma, M.D.

Best ENT Doctor in California - Voice and Swallowing Doctor | Sunil Verma, M.D.

Strep Throat

This is a type of infection cause by Strep bacteria. It is imperative that this does not go untreated since the potential complications might include rheumatic fever or inflammation of the kidneys. The throat can be sore and painful. Patients may also experience painful swallowing, fever, lymph node swelling and a rash.


The best ENT doctor in California can help with croup. This is a type of upper airway infection. Most cases are seen in younger children. A barking cough and high-pitched breathing sounds are characteristic with this infection. It might also be hard to swallow and breathe.

Home treatment is typically sufficient. Doctors will instruct parents about which home care methods can provide comfort while the child recovers.
Antibiotics are typically prescribed. Specific symptoms, such as pain, might also be treated separately.


Pharyngitis occurs when the pharynx is inflamed. This is sometimes just referred to as a sore throat. This is one of the most common reasons why people see their doctors. Both viruses and bacteria can result in the soreness. Numerous factors can contribute to sore throat, such as the common cold, allergies, and croup. In most cases, a viral cause is why the throat becomes sore.

Treatment is not always needed, depending on the cause. However, if the cause is bacteria, an antibiotic might be prescribed. Doctors might also suggest some home care methods to make the soreness less intense.

Getting a prompt and correct diagnosis for a throat issue is imperative. Do not delay getting a diagnosis once you start to notice symptoms. The best ENT doctor in California is an ideal place to start.

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